To contribute towards whole school improvement: to encourage and assist teachers to conduct action research as a means of effecting positive social and educational change in their immediate environments and spheres of influence.

To effect improvement in the personal/ professional practice of teachers: the process of conducting action research has been shown to have positive consequences for the professional and personal development of the participants, as they learn to become more proactive and take responsibility for effecting change.

To provide opportunities for Faculty to become involved in research projects: the expertise of various staff members can be solicited for specific projects identified by teachers.

To raise the community engagement and research profile of the Faculty: Engaging in projects in collaboration with schools/educators raises the community engagement profile of the Faculty and also provides opportunity for both faculty members and students to become involved in research projects for higher degree and/or for publication purposes.

To provide undergraduate students with opportunities for research: the unit provides a perfect conduit for undergraduate students to engage in research, either on their own or in collaboration with teachers.