The Action Research Unit at Nelson Mandela University's Faculty of Education was founded in 2008 with the aim of expanding opportunities for researchers, students and practising teachers to conduct action research for social and educational improvement.

In principle, action research means developing attitude; looking at any educational problem and saying, I can do something about this’.

In reality, it is often far from easy. There are challenges to overcome: political-logistical difficulties such as under-resourcing, large classes and intense poverty; cultural attitudes, such as the undervaluing of teachers, the bad press they receive, and their resultant deepening demoralisation; and the self-perception on the part of many teachers that they are inadequate, helpless, and unable to do anything about the situation.

However, Action Research can enable teachers to overcome possible negative self-perceptions and learn how to become resourceful. The Masilingane Project (see Projects) is a prime example of this.

Contact information
Prof Mathabo Khau
Associate Professor
Tel: 041 504 4861