The purpose of this project is to provide appropriate training, mentoring and support for teachers and school managers to improve:

  • learners’ competencies in science, mathematics and languages
  • school functionality and performance based on specific needs identified by the school as a whole


An interactive symposium hosted by NMMU Faculty of Education’s Centre for Educational Research, Technology & Innovation at the Missionvale Campus where school leaders from 11 schools in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan area presented their action research projects as participants on the DG Murray Project.

Attendee's had the opportunity to interact with these school leaders as well as listen to their presentations of their accounts of how they improved specific aspects of school functionality through the process of action research. In presenting their accounts, they also highlighted what they learnt about school leadership. Their stories were of significance to other school personnel who are interested in improving school functioning.

A book was collated and produced detailing the action research projects undertaken by the participants, and includes a preface by project leader, Prof Lesley Wood, and project mentors, Viv England, Brian Walters and Randall Grebe.

Participants from Malabar Primary with Prof Lesley Wood (centre) and Viv England (right back)

Machiu Primary showcase the results of their initiative

Contact information
Prof Lesley Wood
Nelson Mandela University Research Associate
Tel: +27 18 299 4770 (mobile: +27 082 296 9202)